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It’s a well acknowledged fact that online presence is now the single most effective way of targeting clients for any wedding business, and blogs play a HUGE part in this.


But why?


Well…bloggers work really hard to consistently publish beautiful, inspiring and, most importantly, relevant posts. This means that their readers come back regularly, often on a daily or weekly basis. Bloggers build a relationship with their readers, and the value of this should not be under-estimated.

Take Pasties & Petticoats as an example – I create a flowing stream of content to inspire couples getting married in Cornwall and Devon. I curate what I share, the suppliers that I promote and know that my readers come to hold that in high regard. They know what to expect from Pasties & Petticoats and that’s only the best. It’s common for me to receive emails or messages from brides asking my advice or for recommendations – they trust that I know this industry and have their back.

So, take my audience of 50,000 monthly visits and imagine the possibilities to reach that audience for FREE. Yes of course I also earn revenue from blogging which is done through the Pasties & Petticoats Wedding Collective – a membership which offers HUGE promotional opportunities – but the beauty of blogs is that you can dip your toe in and just get the occasional bit of exposure at no cost.

What’s more, if your service isn’t restricted geographically, you have a whole range of national blogs to choose from too.


It goes without saying then, that free exposure via a blog is a no brainer.


But… how do you get featured?  Given that the wedding industry is fast cottoning onto the benefits of exposure through wedding blogs, it’s fair to say that getting your content published is getting harder and harder.


I speak from experience when I say that, as a blogger, keeping on top of content submissions is hard work and a full time job in itself, and in fact it’s something I’ve had to really work on to try to streamline the process – not just to make it easier for suppliers but also for my own sanity. But there are some things that can really help get your submissions noticed…



Follow their submission process.

There once was a time where I’d get submissions via email, facebook, twitter, my online form or instagram private message. Sometimes everything would be together but sometimes submissions would be sent over in bits. An initial contact via fb, then a private message with some details, then an email with a link to a wetransfer file that expires if I don’t click on it quickly enough.  You can see how hard that can be to manage.

Using the bloggers preferred submission process will automatically increase your chances of getting featured. If I get someone send over my submission form with all the info in one place, in the formats I’ve requested, that gets added to my schedule MUCH more quickly than something that requires a lot of work or going back and forth for different size images, supplier credits or whatever is needed.


It’s all about the images.

A wedding blog is very visual, and the images are without question THE most important part of your submission. I clearly state my requirements for images – they must be professional, high quality and high resolution. Ideally I like to receive a honed down selection (going through galleries of 1000 images is lovely, but so time consuming), but I’m always happy to receive up to say 100, so that I can pick my favourites.

I use a piece of software to montage and format images for the blog. Using this makes the process MUCH quicker and easier, as well as presenting the images more beautifully.

If you’re going to watermark, be discreet. I, and most other bloggers, respect that you want to protect your work, but I’m not likely to post images with huge overpowering watermarks that take away from the original image.


Be patient (but do feel free to chase up).

Most bloggers will be completely inundated with submissions all the time. Not just from local suppliers but also from couples, national suppliers, brands, PR agencies and, of course, the good old guest post spam! It takes time to go through and I do find it hard to keep on top of, particularly when submissions haven’t been sent using my form with everything together and ready to go. The harder it is for me to gather up your info the longer it’ll take me to post it. (And do bear in mind that many blogs, like myself, will prioritise – for me, members of the Pasties & Petticoats Wedding Collective get priority over the blog schedule. I post their content first and it can push non member content down the list until a space becomes available).


Target relevant blogs.

Each blog has it’s own niche. Pasties & Petticoats is all about beautiful weddings in Cornwall and Devon – I want to share local suppliers, real weddings and styled shoots. I often get sent things like “styled shoot in Edinburgh” or “new London bridal boutique” – these are not relevant to my audience and won’t get a second look.

So, if you want to submit content to a blog, make sure you’re familiar with them, who they’re writing for and that their audience is also your audience.


and finally…


Be friendly and personal.

I know this one might seem a bit odd, but you’d be amazed at how many emails I get that start ‘Dear admin’, or are quite frankly quite rude. I am just a person, on my lonesome running my little blog. I don’t have a team, it’s just me, sat at my laptop working away. Don’t be shy, get stuck in and be chatty when you make your approach, it makes such a difference.


So, those are my few top tips – did you find them useful? Is there anything else you’d like me to cover about featuring on blogs? Feel free to add a comment below or head over to the facebook group to chat more about this.





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