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I love social media, and as a blogger I do use all of the most popular channels because they each have a particular benefit for my business.  But, I have to say, Instagram is by far my favourite. I’m a lover of pretty pictures so getting to browse a feed full of loveliness is right up my street.

Because of this, I’ve done a few different online courses and webinars to pick up some handy little Instagram tricks, and from hours of listening, note taking, implementing and experimenting, I’ve honed down five quick Instagram tips for you…


1. Make sure your profile is fully completed.

There is nothing more off putting to me than arriving at a feed to be left guessing who the account belongs to. Include your name, business name, what you do, a link to your website AND a location. I don’t want to have to search high and low to find out if you’re Cornwall/Devon based, so your clients might not want to either. Don’t give people a chance to click away – give them everything they might want to know right there.


2. Make sure your pictures are relevant and pretty

I know that one might seem a bit obvious, but the amount of business accounts I land on which are full of random personal pictures, or worse still, so badly taken that they do more harm than good. Take a moment to compose images you’re taking, do your subject justice and use the processing tools available in instagram. It’s quick, easy and can make a huge difference.


3. Credit others

If you’re sharing pictures others have taken, make sure that they’re clearly crediting them and linking to their instagram account. It’s just good manners.


4. Use hashtags

These are basically like search or key words, so do use them. Just think about words that describe your image and add them at the end of your caption. (Some people choose to write their caption in a notes app, add a few lines of dots then add the hashtags so they’re not visible from the instagram feed – it’s not personally something I bother with, but it’s an option should you so wish).


5. Engage with others – like, comment & follow

The best way to build your own following and engagement, is to follow and engage yourself. The more you like, comment and follow other relevant accounts, so you’ll build more of the same for yourself.



These are a very brief whizz through things you can do to optimise and build your Instagram account. If you have any questions or would be interested in hearing more, just pop a note in the comments below.




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